Well. After a mad scramble and some coin tossing, we’re here. As you may (or may not) know, Uber is closing it’s doors as of Monday, so I had to pack my bags and find a new place to land! And here we are! I feel sort of like a blogging refugee to be honest, travelling all over the web looking for a place to unpack. Hopefully this is it. Because as much as I love travelling, lugging around my thoughts is a bitch. Ah ha. Just joking. Yes, lets open the new blog with some swear words. *Laugh*

OTHER than finding a new place to call blogger home.. (blome? hogger?) spent the morning with J’s parents who are visiting. Went down to Whyte Ave to get some Eggs Benny from the High Level Diner and wander, went to the farmers market and picked up some beautiful cabbage flowers and tasty beet leaves, and some coffee from Catfish Coffee Roasters. Moseyed over to Rocky Mountain Antiques and spent the better part of 2 hours oooing and ahhing over teacups and depression glass and Pyrex. Ended up, thanks to Joy’s eye, nabbing a beautiful silver pitcher, and thanks to J’s memory, refinding my way to a raspberry pyrex casserole dish that I thought was long lost in the maze of vintage.

It feels strange to be at a new blog, like it isn’t broken in yet, or doesn’t have dog ears or smudges or tears on it it yet. To know that nobody has been here yet, to not know if I like the header of purple flowers, to be posting for the first time.. Strange. I can’t import the old blog sadly, so unless I cut and paste.. *sigh* Well, it’s a new journey, a new blog. Thanks for travelling with me!



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2 responses to “*phew*

  1. Deborah

    Your new “home” feels like you already. You, through life experiences, can have the boxes unpacked and the pictures up in no time. Mom xxxoo

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