My love of small houses may originate from, or at least bear influence from my childlike dreams of what my adult life would be like. I used to dream, and in fact, if I remember correctly, make elaborate architectural plans, of living in a shed. Yeah. I remember driving by Canadian Tire when I was younger, and they had these beautiful garden sheds – dark wood with gingerbread trim, little windows. To my small self, they seemed like little palaces. I would dream of modifying them with small little cast iron ovens, and insulating the walls with shelves and shelves upon shelves of books. In my mind, I set up this little house in the woods, with a small cot and a handmade quilt. I would have chickens outside in the summer, and would wander through the woods picking berries, and bringing them back to my house to make pies to sell in town, or trade for more books. In the winter, I would just stay in my house and read books upon books upon books.

Of course, as children, we don’t take in concerns we may have as adults – such as food (I’d eat pies!) heat (I’d burn books!) sanity (I’d be a happy women in the woods!) or cleanliness (rivers! I’d bathe in rivers!).. among many others. But I remember holding onto that idea for ages and ages, living in the woods and selling pies in town.

As I grew up (and went through dreams of being a designer, forensic pathologist, gallery curator, famous badminton player etc etc) dreams of small houses always seemed to be there. I used to attach a night light to an extension cord and pull it into my closet, which I would stock with books and blankets and spend hours on end in (even, if I remember right, putting my face to the crack between the door and the floor to get fresh air instead of leaving the closet…) happy to have everything within reach.

Luckily for me, small houses have become quite the trend. (Much to J’s chagrin, who would need one himself to set up all of his instruments.) More and more lately people seem to be considering the amount of space they actually need, or want to take up on the face of the planet -and I am beginning to think that perhaps I may actually get my chance to have a little place. Enter Alchemy Architects and their Wee Houses. Designed to be small, to work together, to be placed on, near, around, in communities or existing structures, I’ve fallen in love with their Wee-ness. I love that good design, eco-friendliness and my pie in the sky dreams may actually have a place in reality. Check them out here. Oh, and I make a mean pie. Even if it is in our 3rd story walk-up.


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