when your savings has gone to the dogs…buy shoes!

Oh I’m pun-ny. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. In my 8th hour of 12 I either have to start drinking (which I’m sure all the little blue haired ladies here would just love.. they look like drinkers…) or I have to start making corny jokes. Given that they are paying me WAY to much overtime for me to miss out on, (and I’ve already picked out a fabulous pair of fall shoes and bid on a polaroid because .. well, read below)… I’m making puns. And picking out things for you to look at.

Like this interesting little guy from designers Dani Gassner and Ori Saidi at Artlook. Definately channelling Jeff Koons, this little guy won’t burst when the Wall Street bubble does.

(And these are the shoes I’ve decided I may think about possibly getting. Maybe. I fell in love with them and put them in the fall fashion issue in my size and just.. just.. love them. *sigh* )


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