No time!

Hello my lovelies:
Sorry for the lack of posting today, but I’m on the run! (Not literally.. though that would indeed be a riot.. ) I’ve got a 1/2 written Hobbes essay on my hands (theories on atomism anyone?), a linguistics exam tomorrow (seriously, a letter called schwa does not need to be in my vocabulary) and I’m studying for that while attempting to beautify myself for S. who’s coming over and accompanying me to the Iron and Wine (aka Sam Beam) concert tonight at Horowitz. She’s just about the best girl date a girl could want. Which means.. hustle hustle no blog.



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  1. Have you ever read “Sophie’s World” ? I realize that as a philosophy genius it would probably be really elementary for you, but I loved it when we read it in humanities class in high school…and you might like it now as philosophy that doesn’t involve writing a paper.

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