Our fluffy friend.

This lovely little fellow (maybe a little lady.. but he strikes me as a jaunty man rabbit) has been hanging out right outside my back door. We had a baby rabbit this spring in the same place, so maybe it’s the same little lapine! This morning when I came out of the flat and into the freezing cold, I stopped to put on my long gloves and there he was, with his fluffy little tail right on my foot! I freaked out from excitement and basically lunged for him (I’m not sure what I thought I was going to do – Take him to linguistics? Make Thanksgiving dinner from him? A new stole?) but he quickly lept away. But, when I returned from my hyper-unsuccessful search for a winter jacket (the necessity of which is quickly becoming evident with the plunging temperature today – JL, you totally jinxed it) he was sitting beside the stoop again, all fluffy and beautiful. I stood very still and fumbled in my bag and got my trusty camera out to snap this for you. I should name him.



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3 responses to “Our fluffy friend.

  1. Tim

    I vote for, ‘Flaps’
    he was meant to go to linguistics with you – that’s what he was trying to tell you. You just interpreted it as the bunny running away from you.

  2. JL

    Sir (or Madam) Flufferpants.

    Or maybe Shoeshine?

  3. We had a squirrel named Henry that lived outside of our house last year. He’d come to the back door and wait for us, and we’d give him cookies. He especially like old bread and peanuts.

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