So this happened almost a week ago,  but I wanted to mention it because I keep thinking back on it .

J and I were going somewhere on the bus – as previously mentioned, we don’t exactly have a stellar transit system, and more often and not the bus only comes maybe twice an hour. So if you miss it, and it’s cold.. well, you get the picture. Right before the bus stop is a major road, and sometimes you don’t get a walk signal before the bus whizzes by, and they don’t really wait for you.  So we were heading towards the bus, late as always, trying to make it on time when we see the walk signal come up, and we’re about a block away. We start running (or as well as we can since I think we were both attatched to one ipod and I may or may not have been wearing something like high heels) and this lady on her cell phone sticks her head out of the bus shelter and motions that the bus is coming. Ergo, if we don’t make this walk signal, we miss the bus.

So there we are, beating it down the sidewalk, as the crosswalk closes. All the cars… stop. In fact, they don’t even move. Both ways. They stay there, not honking, not moving – waiting for us to run across. On top of that, the woman on the other side is yelling, “It’s ok, I’ll tell him to wait.” As a result – we catch the bus. The lady on her cell phone hangs up and says,

“It’s ok, I knew you were coming. We live down the street and my husband saw you run by the window. So he called me and told me to hold the bus for you. Have a good weekend!”

That, that gives me faith.


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