I want, therefore I am?


Etsy - RedPaperRecord

Etsy - RedPaperRecord

I’ve been looking for a used sewing machine lately – I used to use the old singer we had when we were younger, but when it heated up I’m pretty sure it produced a weird carcinogen – so I’m looking for one now. I have a million little projects written down under “when I get a sewing machine” – and I figure it’s about that time. Does anyone have a suggestion where to find one? Or advice on how to avoid sewing my hand to a pillowcase? Which may or may not have happened to a friend of mine and I’m sure supported my mothers decision not to let me have one at a very young age… In fact, any advice is always appreciated.

*Addendum – J’s mum (and I’m really sorry I had to pull out the “To whom am I speaking?”.. I was confused. Its late-ish. I didn’t understand the call display. You sounded different. I’m sorry….) just called after reading this and offered the use of her other sewing machine for me to pretend I know what I’m doing with. Seriously lady, you bring me happiness on so many levels. Like willing to indulge my sewing fantasies. Which, I will add, have so far in my life amounted to a number of lunch bags and one plain black skirt that I hand sewed at like, 7, and wore taped to my little girl pantyhose. Thank you again!


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