Because then you’ll end up with one as a friend.

I’m not a vegetarian. I like meat. Those are mutually exclusive statements. I try to buy free range, happy organic animals, but when it comes right down to it, McDonalds or Sunworks farms, meat just does it for me. Now, due to the environmental impact, we have recently started trying to eat at least one meat free meal a week – which apparently helps reduce the carbon impact of you know, clear cutting forests to graze cattle. We try to buy locally (there really is no logical reason to have my veggies travel thousands of kilometres to get to me – though I do like lettuce in the winter) and we are conscientious, as best as we know how, of recycling and being mindful of waste.

I have to say, it may not be that I’m wholly against vegetarianism. Its just that in all honesty, I have never really met a vegetarian out there.. that I like. Of course, it may happen to be that the type of mean, pushy, judgemental, snotty, greater than thou and thy bacon people that I meet just coincedentally happen to be vegetarians, and so I’ve created an undue association and self fullfilling profacy that all those who proclaim themselves to be vegetarians I end up disliking. I may also be a close minded witch. Though I don’t think so.

But it is seriously like the “gay uncle” effect. If you rail against them, you’re garaunteed one. (Please note – I neither have a gay uncle nor would care if I did. I’m perfectly ok with all types of sexuality. Unless they like vegetables. Dodgy.)  So, one of my dearest loveliest oil country friends has become a vegetarian AFTER I decided that I liked her a great deal, and has never been pushy or mean or derrided my love of beef tataki or pushed her veggie burgers on me… And now, NOW? Everytime I find a recipe I think “Oo, I could easily make this vegetarian for C. Oo, I bet she’d like this one. OO, I would totally NOT mind inviting her to a dinner party and cooking her an entirely seperate meal or OH MY GOD making the whole meal vegetarian! I WOULD EVEN MAKE A SINGLE VEGETARIAN ENTREE AVAILIBLE AT MY WEDDING (in ten years time).”

Seriously C. I was thinking these things.

Then I thought you might enjoy this recipe for an apple onion cheese tart. (Via Design*Sponge and Susan Schwake) Unless now you’re not eating cheese. Then..well thats another story. (PS- I miss you.)

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