Bunny Love

Wherever J and I have lived together there has been a plethora of bunnies. I used to view them as a good sign (for example, I’d be walking towards the wine store and be thinking “Merlot or Malbec?” I’d see a rabbit as I was thinking “Malbec” and..well, Malbec it was. Simple times.) and to be honest, the two of us have bonded over them. I try and sneak up on them as much as I can in the attempt to catch one (yes, I really do) – and this was far funnier when I didn’t have glasses, and J would let me go and “sneak up” on white plastic bags in fields because I thought they were rabbits. Har har.  Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, J will send me pictures of bunnies, and often promises me that one day I too will have a rabbit, and not in a stew. So when I found this ring on Daily Candy and discovered they had an Etsy shop.. well, it made me smile. Thought I’d share all my bunny love with you.


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