Must Have Monday

I’m sitting here with my hazelnut coffee this morning at 7:59 on Monday, and I’m not particularily sure where the weekend went. It seemed to just slip completely out of my fingers! Saturday we layed about and watched movies and ate french toast until 3, when we went to the studio with P. and J. jammed with them for a few house. It’s  nice to just kick back and watch them, and P. (bless her smoky bluesy heart) made/let me sing harmonies on a few songs. What a riot. She’s happy to let me fullfill my life goal of singing onstage. What a peach!

Sunday I got up early to make coffee and crawled back into bed with my Epistemology essay and the Theatetus. Eventually got up and dashed to the grocery store, we made a big Sunday dinner which was in the oven as J. left at about 3 for a rehearsal and I buckled down to write for a few hours. We managed somewhere in there to do 5 loads of laundry and clean the bathroom (the last room in the house to get a good Mr.Cleaning) and take stuff out to the dumpster!

We spent most of the time huddled inside this weekend as everything outside was blowing about in a most disconcertingly HORIZONTAL manner. Seriously. People were being killed by things falling out of the sky this weekend. J. and I both agreed that in our combined decades in this province neither of us have seen wind like we did this weekend. So, my choice for Monday Must Have is a toasty warm hat that if needed, could cover a helmet. Because it feels like that kind of weather, and that kind of week. This little guy has been on my Etsy favorites list for about 3 weeks now, find it at thisolthing.

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  1. p

    Oh my deary me, but it hasn’t been fullfilled yet… emphasis on yet; right?

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