my god, it works.

*blearily slides into kitchen chair*

My god. I never thought a whole evening spent editing and citing would be so tedious and long and.. awful. I wish I was a smarter person, who simply cited as she went, but I suppose its baby steps right? I completely laughed at the guy at the end of the lecture (though I should have known better, men who wear pajamas to a lecture are invariably smart) when he said last time he cited a paper like this it took him two hours. On the upside, I started this paper early enough (thanks to my handy dandy list) that I was completely on time and still had a shocking amount of hair left at the end of the evening. J is usually well aware (I’m sure its my perpetually rigid body at night in bed and spacey responses where I reply “huh? uhuh” to everything) when it is coming up on paper day, and sends little text messages like “I love you and hope it’s going well” instead of our usual talk that says things like “There is a bunny. And another. Chicken dinner?”. As a result, I had it completely under control yesterday, and even managed to make mexican food WITH homemade guacamole by the time he got home last night. At 11pm. *laugh*

SO, because I’m so fabulously unstressed, I’m up and ready to conquer the world at 6am, and since I won’t be playing any last minute catch up, have enlisted my wonderful fabulous friend M. to help me find, lift, and transport a GORGEOUS side shelves/banquet type dealy that I found (given that it is still, and I’m slightly praying, there) this afternoon after school/work. At which point I truly will believe in the powers of non-procrastination, doing something other than furiously write on paper day is..a miracle.

(I will say, it may have something to do with using J’s computer to write on, which is a little bit slower than mine (and this REALLY doesn’t say much considering I’m fairly certain mine is a jam sandwich with a USB port), and since I have zero patience I usually throw my hands up in frustration and say things in my head which amount to “I simply can’t wait that long to procrastinate and surf the web, I MIGHT as well work.”)

Well, now that I’m sufficiently awake, I’m on my way. I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.




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