SO.. A little while ago I started methodically searching Kijiji (if you don’t know what it is.. please look it up.. it’s like eBay without bidding and ridiculous prices. And local.) for an antique couch to reupholster. Yes, I’ve been researching reupholstering at home. It’s on my secret list of things to do, along with learn how to pole dance and become a sniper. Joking. Halfway.

Anyways, I’ve been looking for an antique sofa. You’d be surprised how many terms you can search for things like that – settee, sofa, couch.. on and on. Antique, vintage, old, garage.. *laugh* And I found the PERFECT one, 200$. But when J called for me to see if they still had it (I have a fear of talking to people I don’t know..) they said it had been sold. Bummer. I also had sent them an e-mail. So I kept looking.

A couple days ago, the perfect, queen anneish 1920’s sofa showed up in my inbox! It hadn’t been sold, the owner was on vacation and the roommate had NO idea what they were talking about, and if I wanted it, it was mine, and I could have it for free! I’m so excited. I’ll definately post before and after photos. I’m thinking a charcoal paint and a plum velvet covering. I’m so excited. So very.

BUT, that’s not what this post is about. Because my mind works in this way, I’m over the sofa and thinking about what to hang above it. And I love this posh little birdie from Kate Wilson. You can find her blog here, and her Etsy shop here, and hopefully, you’ll soon find her hanging above my sofa!

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