So, at the Humanities reception tonight I got an award for the work I did in Marx.. *blush* It was pretty nice. Sometimes when you bust your ass its nice to have some people come and eat free food and drink and clap for you. *laugh* Even if they don’t care. Regardless, I got some fabulous books. *ahem* Of course the WORK I did was reward in itself.. But I do very much like books (I’ve been called a bibliophile..) so I can’t think a of a better award. Plus.. they were picked out by somebody I like and respect. Which is cool!

Tonight we’re off to see Bob Dylan.. I’m bagged so I’m glad we have seats. Hope everyone got over the mid-week hump without too many bumps and bruises!


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5 responses to “*blush*

  1. Deborah

    As always – we are so very proud of you. Love Mom and Dad xxoo

  2. Tim

    yes, we’re all proud you can look down on small people like me 😦

    haha kidding, I’m very impressed by you – and your work! (can’t forget that)

  3. p

    I think this TIM guy has a crush on you. Have it be known that I have no idea who Tim is. A very nice fellow by the sounds of things. Could be your brother for all I know. I’m just sayin’… Oh yeah, and CONGRATS! I can only speculate as to what that must have felt like. *s*

  4. Carlynn

    I will channel my envy into motivation….I will channel my envy into motivation…I will channel my envy into motivation…


  5. Yay! Books and Bob Dylan…what could be better?

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