Live and.. Prompt?

It’s very sleepy in my house this morning, very quiet and sleepy.  Even the coffee machine didn’t seem to want to do its job with any kind of vivacity. Then again, it took me around 5 blind minutes fumbling around to actually get everything in the pot, so it may have been a little abused. Yes, we’re a little bleary – this week is ready to crawl into the calender and pass away.

Is it because, you ask, we were out so late watching the great, strange and interesting Bob Dylan? Sort of. In some strange premanatory mood, I made J hurry home from teaching and meet me downtown so we could take the subway to the venue. The tickets said show at 7:30, but really, who ACTUALLY starts on time? And doesn’t have an opening band. I’ll tell you who.

Bob Dylan.

We walked in, and at the stroke of 7:30, the first strains of his Band came drifting out. We were still grabbing t-shirts and beer (I will add that BD tees were 20 DOLLARS LESS than Neil Young tees. Interesting) and we had seats, so I wasn’t so stressed. But yes, he started at 7:30. And.. it was good!

I was explaining to Dr. Mills and Dr. G. last night that I wasn’t necessarily attending because I was a huge fan, I think the musical aesthetics of Bob Dylan are a little suspect at best. I was attending because it was a historic event in a music lovers life, and I feel fortunate that I could be around to see somebody that had such an impact on the way we see/hear music, fame, see the job of a musician, the type of music we listen to – those were better reasons to see Bob Dylan.

As such – the concert was actually better than I thought it was going to be. Having seen a few aging acts lately, I find it interesting that the stages are developing a certain notable look. They all have really old amps, all covered in different wood, all absolutely beautiful. Stacks and stacks upon each other. The guitars are older, the sound is richer, warmer – it’s like watching somebody play in an antique shop o’rock. It’s incredibly beautiful, it appears as though they travel with their own personal slice of a previous, warmer time.

His Band was incredible, truly. They were absolutely fantastic, and I would have been happy to hear them alone, they really rocked. But, despite the beautiful stage appearance, I found their presence fairly cold. They were all turned inwards, as far as I can tell BD never actually said one thing to the crowd, they just rocked for precisely two hours, did an encore and walked off stage. Absolutely zero audience interaction. I’m not saying I need that, but in reality they could have been playing anywhere, but in Edmonton we paid to see them, and wouldn’t mind them letting us know they appreciate it. *shrug* Strange. Bob Dylan was.. Bob Dylan. I think saying that you went to see a historically significant figure sing probably shouldn’t be any more of an indication of talent than saying, oh you saw Abe Lincoln sing-it would be on par. Probably sound similar too. But he was good, in the Bob Dylan way. He played “Just like a Woman” and “Spirit on the Water” and “Tangled up in Blue” – which really, save “Visions of Johanna” were the only songs I really wanted to see, and the rest was a sort of magical mystery tour that I’m fairly certain only diehard fans would LOVE. For the rest of us – well, His Band was truly amazing.

So, from one of the biggest folk rock singers, we got home at about 10:00 ish. I’m just bagged from reading Althusser really late. *laugh* Have a good Thursday my lovelies.


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  1. Tim

    perhaps it’s because today was supposed to be saturday for you?
    and to another point, I feel so precisely the same as you, but in regards to metallica – I’m not going because I love their music, but damn, it’s metallica.

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