Signs I Should Have Known…

That I was getting sick –

5. I understood all of Althusser on the first read through. And then called him Locke all day.

4. A – “Look at the Bunny!”

J – “That’s a soccor ball.”

3. I fell asleep with my hair in my apple cider.

2.I fell asleep peeing.

1. At one point I wondered if my eyeballs were sweating, or if I was crying. Then I fell back asleep.



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2 responses to “Signs I Should Have Known…

  1. Tim

    #2 made me laugh out loud

  2. p

    I know your sick. And I’m sorry for that. It’s not nice. But I have to thank you for the morning visual. #2 is priceless. Fell better pal! *hugs*

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