Pumpkin Penance

I had a great Halloween – we went out and I have to say, while my expectations for costumes is always really low (I mean, I went as “French” afterall)  I was pleasently surprised – especially given where we went. I danced with John McCain and Barack Obama, watched Sarah Palin wipe out on the dance floor, hung out with a lady cop most of the night, was at one point surrounded by a bunch of asian playboy bunnies who were so tiny and cute I just adored them (and I’m not going to lie, the irony of a gaggle of multiplying asian bunnies kept me laughing all night long), the Jabbawokee troupe (which, for anyone without an unhealthy love of SYTYCD you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about – and that’s ok), Amy Winehouse was really good, two very staid and hilarious Mormons wondered through the crowd, a Ghostbuster danced ALL night – it was fun, a better time than I thought it was going to be.

I always find (and discussed this with CF last night) that I’m always a little bit wary of Halloween. It’s difficult enough going to a bar sometimes, but when everyone dedicates themselves wholeheartedly to getting drunk AND being in disguise – my radar goes off a little bit. I’m always extra careful about everything on Halloween – staying relatively close to J or to friends, my drinks never leave my hand, and to be honest, if I go out I don’t drink that much and I only go to places I know. CF confirmed this – she never goes anywhere she doesn’t know the bouncers on Halloween, doesn’t go anywhere where she doesn’t know where the washrooms are, the layout of the club, how to get out. It’s a sad fact, but it becomes a tactical pursuit, both having fun and staying safe. It may seem laughable, but at 5’2 and a smidge, and 105lbs, I’m pretty portable. *laugh*

Though J said something interesting last night, and after watching the crowd and the women all night, I had to agree – the women were CONFIDENT. Dressed up, down, butts out, boobs everywhere – they had 10x’s the confidence that they usually do. Everyone kept referring to Halloween as the time you can be somebody else -but all the we witnessed (and honestly, that I felt) was that it was a time to portray somebody else on the outside, and be yourself, without any qualifications. Stronger, lounder, more forward. Not everyone looked good, I’m not going to lie – there were an awful lot of sexy nurses that would have been better fitted to.. oh..traffic pylons, but everyone sure as hell thought they looked good. It was interesting to watch the men approaching women – instead of being coy or polite or running away, women were simply saying no, pushing them, leaving – it was definately interesting to watch.

Anyways, the long and short – it was a good night. I finally broke in my Audley’s with layers of bandaids and nylons, and had a blast doing it. And, this morning, feeling some pumpkin carving remorse (it really is one of my fav. holiday traditions) I found THIS fabulous site that let me accomplish my goal this week and feel festive.  Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!

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