What else I made today..

Savoury Palmiers from the “Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics…”

**Ok, addendum. C, if you totally look at this recipe, my little Palmiers look NOTHING like hers. You know, given that I didn’t use the same ingredients (my sundried tomatos are yucky – so I used cranberries, and I hate pinenuts so I used walnuts…) and hers were all perfectly shaped, flat, evenly cooked and well.. Contessa like. I totally can’t cop to this being anything like hers. I totally felt bad about posting this WITHOUT the original recipe, because its then totally evident how much mine fail in comparison. *SIGH* Ok, guilt relieved. I can sleep tonight. ps- These are a total breeze (puff pastry anyone?) AND vegetarian. **



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3 responses to “What else I made today..

  1. Carlynn

    These are “basics”? I’m screwed…

  2. omg charlie tu would love those! the filo dough is a must for his sweet tooth

  3. These look soooo good! Phyllo dough kind of scares me, though—I’m afraid that I’ll ruin anything that I make with it (read: I am terrified of how thin the sheets are! I am like an elephant when it comes to baking! No tiptoe-ing here—all butter and potato mashers!)

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