Weekly List

So to be honest (and this does not bode well for productivity this week) I started this post last night while we were watching TV and relaxing. Alright, we were watching Law and Order, SVU. It was so good, that I put down my computer, and promptly fell asleep on J’s shoulder. Which led to a comic moment about an hour later when I lept up shouting “Oh no! Did he confess? Did they get him?!” and J looking at me, then the TV (which I believe at that point may have been on a religious infomercial) and laughing. So, for a week with two exams and a big paper, we’re keeping it simple here at Camp Miel et Cannelle.

1. Make Red Velvet Cupcakes

2. Send out invites for housewarming party

3. Find or design Christmas cards

As an aside, due to last weeks list, I’d like to extend the offer: (anyone in my area ) I seem to now have a great abundance of Curried Butternut Squash and Apple soup – if anyone would like some, I’m more than happy to share. J and I might actually turn yellow otherwise.


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