So, sadly, I’m back at work this weekend. I was supposed to have it off, but somebody is sick.. and seeing as how it’s the other casual girl, it once again came down to me. I was really looking forward to having the weekend off, and I have a sneaking suspicioun that I will be working tomorrow as well. Which would, if you’re counting, bring the days I was SUPPOSED to work and days I DID work.. from 2 to 5. Will I be able to pay my rent? Yes. Will I be so crazy I attempt to pay it in little paper cranes stuffed with painted macaroni? Probably.

And I’m not going to lie. There is nothing worse than waking up and feeling full, much less waking up and feeling full of Strongbow, kraft dinner (why? Why guys, why?) cigarette smoke and .. oh my god I think I cut up a left over pork chop and put it in my kraft dinner. Kill me now. So, to make myself feel better I’m sitting at work eating chicken noodle soup, coffee, water and a million little Wunderbars left over from Halloween. I figure, just take the temptation right away from all those diabetics. It isn’t helping that I have had 2 (this is unbelievable) people ask me if I was from North Carolina. WHAT? Two totally distinct people, with no relation, both ask me if I was from the southern states, specifically when prompted, North Carolina. H, I swear, if you put some sort of mid-westernizing USA pill in my drink last night, I will drive to Kansas and so help me God…

I did have a lovely time though – it’s funny to see so many people from High School. It always seems that everyone is so much happier than me to see people from then.. I find it really confusing. Its nice to see the people that were major socializing agents in your life (We did discuss that H. was totally the one who taught me how to match my clothes.. no word of I lie I actually didn’t always look so fabulous!) but for the most part we don’t have anything in common – except old things. It’s different with people that you keep in touch with, everyone else I just get petrified that I’m going to make assumptions that they’re the same as they were TEN YEARS AGO, which is terrible.. It was, however, really nice, and comforting, and.. well, I guess I forgot, in telling myself how much I hated high school, that there were a bunch of really nice people there that I should have kept in better touch with. The long and the short is that I had a really good time, a beer, and didn’t want to throw myself under a train anymore.

Today -well, we’ll see. *laugh* If I get enough mini-Wunderbars in my system and avoid inducing my own diabetes, it should be a good one. This afternoon I’m spending time hanging out with M. and running errands, and won’t see J until late late tonight. We’ve been passing each other like ships in the.. midafternoon..lately. I was walking to the bus from work last night as he was walking home, I crawled out of bed this morning just a few hours after he fell asleep, and he left not long after me for rehearsals, performances and work tonight. I really hope that I don’t work tomorrow so we can at least have a Sunday together. If wishes were horses…


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