Judy who?

I’m not sure what exactly I’d use all of this fabulous garland and bunting for – but I think it could make for a lovely edition to.. damn it.. anywhere. What says “advent of adventure” like walking into a home strung with bunting? And what more do you WANT to say after that? Exactly. Fabulous.


Sweet Cake Flags by BlackBirdLetterpress – they have a lot.. lot.. of very sweet flags. I also really like the Blackbird flags.. and can’t resist posting them here too..


So.. tweet! hehehe..


I think these would look lovely around a mirror or on a runner down the middle of a table for a cocktail party. (Can I just say that I mistyped and wrote cocktalk party? Y’all would wonder what’s wrong with me.) Find them (and other delicious things like mobiles.. WEEE! ) at RoyalBuffet.

il_430xn43805845And this one? I would just wear it as an arty-farty non-functional scarf. Miesmama will deck you out!


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One response to “Judy who?

  1. Tim

    I can’t say that I’ve ever been to a cocktalk party
    but, I think I’d be more comfortable if there were a bunch of ‘birds’ hanging around.

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