House Details

So we’ve been working on the house lately, hanging new art, re-arranging, cleaning – partly because we’re having people over Friday, partly because we were sad all of our art wasn’t being properly displayed. So, I thought I’d post some details of the living room and front hallway. Please don’t mind the fact that everything is from a lower vantage point and you can see the top of my head. I’m small.

dscf3715This was actually a test print for something entirely different, and I had a sheet of.. girl ads that I ran the extra paint on. I ended up keeping it because the blue was so incredibly vibrant, and it looks pretty lovely in the front hallway.

dscf3721This little cubby was supposed to hold a telephone -but seeing as neither of us has one or wants one.. It’s holding our two little Buddhas and an old textile stamp that I picked up in India. The photo of me was taken at arms length on the way to the Old Delhi Train station.

dscf3720I’m not entirely sure how the big Buddha came to be sporting RayBans – but he seems happy…beatific maybe.. so we left them on him.dscf3712

I absolutely love this old desk that J wrestled to our home with N. I mentioned that I had found it at a Salvation Army, next thing I knew I came home and there it was. Since Clair the bike has been put away for the winter, we centered the desk and hung our Roots poster. We found it at Flatstock in Seattle, printed by Bobby Dixon of Kollective Fusion.


Voila! Some little things we’ve been working on around the house. Hope you enjoyed!

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