Lazy Days.

Oh god. How is it two thirty on my second to last day off? *sniffle* I mean, YES I only go back to school for one class on Friday then have the weekend off, and YES between school and work I `have a party and an awesome photoshoot.. and YES I’m complaining.. But how is it exactly that it is two thirty? What?

J picked me up from work last night and we ended up going down to the Yardbird for the jazz jam, had some beer, chatted with a N. and L. whom we haven’t seen in a while – it was really nice. Most of the time when we finally meet back at home at night we’re so exhausted that we put together a meal and fall into bed, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for.. you know.. socializing. With each other or anybody else for that matter. So, despite a brief (though startlingly strong) panic attack  on a very dirty, very hot bus, we made it to the Yardbird in plenty of time to find a seat in an absolutely packed house. Our ride home was pawned off on other musicicans who we didn’t know – and it was hilarious. We climb in the car, expressing our extreme thanks for getting a ride, as we live about an hour and a half bus ride away. We settle in, introductions are made, what instrument do you play, are you in a band, you don’t play an instrument, how strange, the usual. Then, it gradually and painfully with a lot of nervous laughter, comes out that the guy in the front, and the girl in the front, had been, previous to one week ago – been dating for 3 years. And now he is living with his grandparents on the edge of town. And she is (obviously) looking for somebody else. It was so.. disasterous. I believe “oh, well, thanks for bringing that up – we aren’t a couple anymore” was actually muttered. I couldn’t make eye contact with J because I know I would just crack up laughing. They were so so young, (19?) and kept repeatedly talking about how old, and how mature they are. I was almost crying I was trying so hard not to laugh. I know that’s mean.. but it was funny.

We ordered a pizza (which inexplicably came with wings and fries?) and collapsed in front of the tv. And promptly fell asleep until 5 o’clock this morning, full of pizza and wings and beer. It was disastrous, but this morning, after sleeping into 11 – we were fine. It was worth the bad food hangover to spend the night with J.

So, now it’s 2:30 and I’ve done nothing but seriously consider watching Criminal Minds in the bathtub. Ridiculous? Totally. Possible? Completely.


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