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I have just done the most intense speed shopping of my life for the Winter Fashion shoot this Saturday. F and I met around 10am to start, and 4 hours later, here I am with a notebook of complete outfits, colors, shoes, accessories and hats (hats! yay! I’ve been so wanted to work with hats!) for this Saturday. We’re shooting at Lightform (which I think is going to be just stunning) and my brain is currently leaking out my ears in jewel tones, wool, leather and silk.. ah.. so lovely. Can’t wait for you all to see it, it’s going to be just fantastic.


But, sometimes I have trouble keeping it JUST to work.. I had to try on this gorgeous Betsy Johnson dress that I’ve looked at a million times. It doesn’t work with any of the shots/themes that we’re going for, so I couldn’t borrow it – but damn, it is so beautiful. It was also half of our total rent. So I very carefully took it off and hung it back up and pretended to seriously deliberate. *shrug* As far as I can tell, this is the best part of being a stylist – you get to shop all day, not pay for anything, get the retail relief at zero cost. Fabulous.


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