Lonely Wind

So my alarm went off bright and early this am so I could meet F. in time (and lord knows it takes me long enough to actually get out of bed) and what was the radio blabbering about? “If you’re not out of bed yet, let us tell you now: there is a full scale wind warning in effect, and boy is it bad!” Thanks CBC. If there was anything I really needed to know at 8am was that getting up at 8am was going to suck more.

Well they must pay their meteorologists a heck load I tell you -because the wind today has been insane. I could barely make it across Jasper without being physically blow over. The Starbucks round hanging sign had actually detached from the awning and was flinging itself bad and forth, much to the chagrin of the 80 year old concerned citizens brigade sitting in the front window gasping and sipping their weak tea. (On the upside, they have the Ginger and the Eggnog Latte’s out for the holiday! Yay!) I have to say the wind has made me just a little glum, the crumby weather and grey skies and sleet.

So I’ve been listening to Marissa Nadler and relaxing, drinking some tea and planning out tomorrow’s grocery trip and cooking day, figuring out dinner tonight – very calm and a little glum here. Hope everyone is coping better with the onset of winter than I!


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