Party Pictures


Our house is still a disaster this morning, but it has that beautiful “been laughed in” feel about it. We had a lovely night last night, full of good food, good friends, mulled wine.. I couldn’t have asked for it to have gone better. It was lovely. I could have asked, however, that I took a few more (and better!) photos. To tell the truth, I was so wrapped up in having a nice time that I took a few snaps and forgot. Thank you so much to M. for the bottles of champagne, everyone for the copious amounts of wine (that got poured into the mulling pot!) and to P. and J. for the gorgeous Fire King bowls, vintage cookie cutters, egg beater and French cooking books (and booze and comic books!) to T. for the book on Venice, to A. and T. for the wineglasses and wine. Everyone was so very kind, so very sweet, and the night.. it was good!


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  1. I love the way my house looks after a party with good friends and good food…it’s like it knows it’s happy and appreciative that I invited someone over and it’s not just hearing me whine about how much work I have to do…there’s laughter, and lovely smells, and talking with wonderful people.

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