It’s a Wrap

A sausage wrap. Roll. Whatever. I was kind of in a rush to get off to work (F came early to pick up the clothes from the shoot yesterday which inexplicably had to come to MY house) so I grabbed the easiest, cleanest thing I could – a grey wool dress hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn in about 2 years. And ran out the door. Fully forgetting that this dress is only worn when I will be standing for the entire time I’m wearing it, as the band that circles the ribs pulls so tight it actually drives me to panic. And then I remembered that the LAST time I wore it to something I had to sit at was a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Atlanta, followed by the Hilton, where I was so nauseated by this (explitive) dress that I walked out of both and threw up my 200$ dollar dinner and 20$ drinks into a juniper bush and a cedar hedge, respectively.

And I still have almost 5 hours of work ahead of me to think about that, and fight the urge to scream.

*addendum – My beautiful, lovely, long legged, determined, intelligent, handsome boyfriend just strode into the hospital with a bundle of work clothing that didn’t make me want to strangle myself with the phone cord. I am so lucky. (to have him and to not have faked a seizure to go home. both.)


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