Monday Must Have


Happy Monday my lovelies! I’ve been given a brief reprieve (or extended a lengthly reprieve) from school today so have taken an extra shift. What does that matter to you you ask? Why, in between giving people dodgy directions and praying nobody almost dies because of me, they’ll certainly be many a blog update! But first, and always, here is the Monday Must Have.

I’m going to be completely honest – I am not sure how I stumbled upon TeeFury. I seem to recall sifting through somebodies archives clicking randomly on outbound links, when I found this amazing little site. (Which, of course, must be so much bigger and more popular than I know, I’m just clueless). TeeFury lists one t-shirt, 9$, for 24 hours. When it sells out, or the 24 hours is up, it’s gone. Every artist gets 1$ per shirt, and thats it. The designs are incredible, I’ve been looking in for a few days in a row, and this is the first one I’ve just loved. So now you know!


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