Seven Random Things


Mmmm. I, and others, have been hit with the Seven Random Things meme. Check out other fabulous answers here, here, and here. And now – my Seven Random Things. And consider yourself duly tagged. There is going to be a lot of randomness out there by the end of the week!

1. I’ve never really liked peas. When I was little, I remember them being spooned on my plate and an abject sense of horror coming over me. I thought that the way they stuck together on the plate was actually the little pea families sticking together. So when I ate them, I would try and stick all of the little “families” in my mouth at once so they wouldn’t be lonely. And if I couldn’t, in my head I would talk to them, and say things like “It’s ok, your sister is coming!” as I would be swallowing and swallowing the peas at a fanatical pace. Unfortunately, a little girl cramming peas with amazing ferocity and speed into her mouth doesn’t really paint a picture of somebody who doesn’t like peas. You can imagine the torment as more and more peas were spooned onto my plate.

2. I have a really terrible time calling people on the telephone. Especially people I don’t know. For probably a good solid 2 years I never made myself a hair appointment, ordered a pizza or called a cab. It’s better now, mostly because I’m vain and like to go places. I have no idea what caused it, or what cured it, but I like to think it was natures way of keeping me from being phone scammed. I really am a sucker for orphans, clean water and your cousin in Nigeria.

3. There are only two books that I’ve started and never finished (and I’ve read a lot of books) – Little Women and Naked Lunch. Obviously for dramatically different reasons.

4. One of the best meals that I have ever eaten in my life was in Shimla, India. I had just been on a train climbing up the mountain for about 6 hours, and the first room that we got and took had a huge mirror over the beds, much to our chagrin and hilarity. We took off down the switchback alleys and ended up finding literally, a hole in the wall. There was a little “kitchen” at the front, and seats going back into the mountain. We ate daal, aloo gobi, nan, butter chicken, raita until we almost passed out from being so full. Everything was so rich, and it was so cold and the food so hot and welcoming.. Then I vaguely remember buying a jug of Indian moonshine and cutting my travel companions hair and thinking that the mirrors came in handy. We never went back, eventually moving on to other cities, but that meal would rank in the top five meals of my life.

5. My favorite flowers are (in this order) Peonies, Tulips, Hydrangeas and Lilacs

6. I harbour secret dreams of being a pastry chef. (And accordian player.)

7. J makes me laugh more than any single one person ought to. When I am standing in our messy bedroom, one particular memory always makes me smile. When we were first dating (and by first, I mean like, 6 months into it) we were basically both living in my very small (200sqft?) little place. And, being the untidy lady that I am, there were perpetually clothes all over the place. One day, as J was tromping around I yelped at him “Don’t step on my clothes!” and he looked up at me with a very pained, semi angry face and said “Where else am I supposed to step?” And we dissolved into laughter, and I knew that it would always be ok.

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