But Seriously.. The Turkey?

These were part of Michele Foley’s picks in the Featured Buyer section on Etsy -I couldn’t resist re-posting them here. Lisa Price from Artgoodies makes the most charming things. SO charming in fact, I feel like you would never ever make pork chops in this apron, only biscuits and jam and pancakes. (I have to admit though – if you check out the interview, she has a bacon wrapped turkey recipe featured.. I almost gagged looking at the picture. Who DOES that?)



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2 responses to “But Seriously.. The Turkey?

  1. Mom

    Out of curiosity I looked at the bacon wrapped turkey. Ugh! That is nasty – I won’t lie I thought you were exaggerating. Nope – it’s that bad. xxxoo

  2. thanks for reposting my apron! I was delighted by your comment, so fitting. I am really a biscuits, jam, and pancakes kinda girl πŸ™‚ I in fact never ever cook pork chops, but can be found making pancakes on Sundays and love to can jam with fruit from the local farmers market! πŸ™‚

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