Ok. I’m going.


Alright, so after eating lunch, finding a coffee, procrastinating, texting my sister, texting J, texting IS, posting, surfing, reading the news… I’m in the library. You’d think I’d have more motivation. J told me that if I get this essay done by 7 tonight, he’ll take me to see Rachel Getting Married AND to our favorite pizza joint (that seriously looks like it was time warped in from the ’70s, and is getting torn down soon)… You really would think that would be enough to make me buckle down and as J so eloquently puts it “pound it out”. But no. Despite visions of peach juice and junior mints, cuddling in the balcony of the movie theatre, pizza topped with pounds of spinach, garlic and feta and time well spent with J, I am here, surfing Flickr, drinking my coffee, accidentally playing footsie with the 7 foot tall guy in the cubical across from me and blogging. I tell you, everyday is a losing battle with procrastination. Pretty soon I’m just going to put off that battle altogether. *snort* Get it..ha.. ha.. Sad. Ok. I’m going. I promise. I’ll be back in a few hours for a break. (Photo by GrizzlyDad)

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