Par Avion


When I was younger, I used to visit my very favorite store (which, coincedentally, is still one of my very favorite stores) on my way home from school almost everyday. In one of their little glass cases, underneath antique marbles, handmade jewellery, Italian pens and other beautiful curiosities, was a row of Kate Spade purses. There was one long, rectangular red velvet purse that I figured was just the best thing in the world – and I thought to myself, “When I make it in life, I will own this purse.” Years have gone by, and that purse is long long since gone, and I’ve visited many a Kate Spade shop, site and dream, and have never seen that purse again. But when I saw this on the Kate Spade site, I got that old warm familiar lusty purse feeling. Not quite the same as the red velvet wonder that still haunts my fashion dreams.. but pretty cute all the same.


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