Thursday’s Style Was Sweet and Pretty

thurda{Clockwise from top left – Nokomis “Library Blouse” , Yorktownroad Raised Line Clutch, Muntedkowhai “Victory Necklace“, Wingnutebrooklyn “Peach Tea Bird Headband“}

Oh so sleepy. “Rachel Getting Married” was absolutely wonderful, and it was nice to hang out with J for an evening without too much stress on my mind. In a regular week, I’m up by 6am 2 out of 5 days – the rest I’m up by 8 which I think is perfectly reasonable. This week I’ve been up by 6am 4/4. I know it’s only an extra couple of hours in an extra couple of days – but I’m tired. I’m looking forward to going to see J play on Friday, and sleeping in on Saturday morning. How’s this week going for everyone else? It seems like a slow one across the board..


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One response to “Thursday’s Style Was Sweet and Pretty

  1. JL

    Well, it’s not slow for me… but the recent lean towards fashion and visual excellence is very, very nice.

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