Cause pink is my favorite crayon..


{Pictures from Ffffound, save the Pomegranate Cards from Papermenagerie, and the “Wires” plate by artist Snowdon Flood at Three Potato Four}

Anyone remember that Aerosmith song? Anyone at all?.. Hmm.. Nevermind. Has it ever happened to you where you think of a favorite color, or decide you like it, then suddenly you seem to see it everywhere? That’s what happened to me today. And because I’ve been perusing cute animals over at What Possesed Me lately (seriously, I’m got a first blush blogging crush of the n’th degree – And no matter time of the night, no matter how much I’ve had to drink, she’s still there. She understands. She hates Ikea. *sigh* ) I’ve been hyper attuned to cute creatures. That, and the guy next to me in one of my classes litterally types in “Cute Bunny Videos” into the YouTube search every day. So PINK and cute? I had to include the Salamander. Enjoy, even if you don’t know the Aerosmith song.

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