Friday Tunes

Hello Lovelies. I’m so happy it’s Friday. Given, that means I work tonight and tomorrow, but as you’ve all figured out that gives me a lot of time to write and study – so we’re ok with that. We’ve had an absolutely lovely week – and if I haven’t said already, please go and see Rachel Getting Married. While it is a very sad film, (and I don’t mean to dissuade anyone seeing it on that count – while sad, its a good and beautiful sad, completely offset by incredible humour) it is worth seeing for Rachel’s incredible, crazy, beautiful wedding, and to watch Tunde Adebimpe sing “Unknown Legend”.

K and I took a brief hiatus from studying last night and stopped by the Nokomis customer appreciation/Christmas party to have some wine and Christmas cookies and try on loads of dresses. I swear, K looked good in every single one and I.. well.. lets just say many giggles were suppressed. It was nice to spend time with her – we’re both so busy that sometimes even though we live just across the hallway from each other weeks go by between us spending time together. Nice indeed.

Tonight I work until nine, then M and I are going to the Velvet Underground to watch J play. I’ve got an epistemology essay to work on this weekend (and if anyone wants to give me a crash course in Hume’s theory of external objects I’m all ears) but otherwise it will be pretty laid back. Hope everyone has a pleasant Friday – talk to you soon my lovelies!

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  1. I still haven’t seen Rachel Getting Married—but I might give myself a Netflix subscription as a gift to myself after quals…we’ll see.

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