Dark and Rich. Let me introduce you.

I’m trying to look busy at work. Because honestly, just about my least favorite outpatient (he’s a million feet tall, chronologically about 25, mentally maybe 16 and comes for the “gymnastics” class) is here, and our exchanges go something like this:

Him: Are you on the phone? I want to talk to you. Why are you busy?           

Me: No, I’m not. What can I help you with?

Him: So…. Do you like Fifty Cent or what?

Me: No, not really.

Him: Well then do you like ANY rap at all or what?

Me: *Looks intently at computer*

Him: Do you date guys who play basketball?

Me: …well I guess that would depend on a lot of other things…

Him: I play basketball.

Me: *stares intensely at computer screen*

Him: Cause you’re pretty cool. And cute.

Me: Gynmastics is starting.

Him: I’ll be back to talk to you later.

So during this incredibly awkward exchange where the really insensitive part of me was thinking “My god.. your head is huge…” what, you ask, was I so intensely focused on? The PhotoZoo shop on Etsy. This particular artist has incredible, rich, dreamy photos – the one above was one of my favorites, but by no means my only. I can’t get over the depth of color and intensity – absolutely stunning. Check her out here, not one basketball picture in sight.

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