Monday Must Have


Hello my lovelies! Everytime I do the Monday Must Have I feel like I’m in a little bit of a time warp – how is it that I didn’t JUST do this yesterday? It feels lately like my weeks have been a series of surprise Mondays where I’m constantly shaking my head, thinking “Really? Monday AGAIN?” Yeeps. And it’s also officially one month until Christmas Eve. Etsy help us all.

So, I think it’s only fitting that the Monday Must Have from Restless Things artist Olivia Jeffries is called “Candid Rear View” – we’re all of us looking back a little bit lately I think, if only to think “Really? Monday? Again?”


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One response to “Monday Must Have

  1. yourillfittingovercoat

    I really like this.

    Also, I have been feeling exactly the same way about Friday! It’s like– really? Pay Day again?? Not that I’m complaining exactly, about an endless series of paydays and weekends, but it’s a bit unnerving to feel time slipping away so quickly.

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