Wanted Wednesday


I realized after looking over some invites to Christmas parties that.. shh.. don’t tell anyone.. I may possibly be able to wear the same dress to every single one, as long as I take into my confidence and swear ultimate secrecy upon one person. That being said, I have no party dress, no money, and may have to swear secrecy to the lot of them after I sport my mustardy Rorschach wonder that hasn’t quite recovered from drunken hot-dog fest ’08. BUT, given unlimited funds, free reign and the ability to make wiser shoe choices than this poor girl.. This gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs Trampoline Satin Dress would be my party dress of choice. Anonymous donors are always welcome. (Available at Net-A-Porter)


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One response to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. See—wearing the same dress to all parties requires real talent. Frankly, doing a lot with very little takes much more skill than those celebrities with closets double the size of my entire apartment and stylists. I’m much more impressed by the graduate students I see wear all of their clothes often and well— they make do quite stylishly with what they have.

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