Menu Inspiration?


My lovelies, I confess. I spent the evening last night eschewing all of the work I should have been doing and instead completely and utterly indulginging in my vintage French cookbook that P. gave me at the housewarming. After getting over the fact that yes, indeed, there were recipes for frogs legs (!eep!) I couldn’t help but notice theglorious love of taste, pure and beautiful and unadulterated by sweetner, low fat, no fat or carbless atrocities. Recipes for Brown Sauce, White Sauce, creams and puffs and decorations that even put me over my daily caloric intake. I think reading made me tubby. And this funny, sweet tea towel, with its horrible, gross and probably delicious menu.. well.. it’s awesome. From Mr.PS.



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2 responses to “Menu Inspiration?

  1. fran

    Oh I know that feeling! I remember spending an afternoon trying to find a really good recipe for an amazing pudding. At teatime I wasn’t hungry at all.
    Great tea-towel. Sounds like the perfect Christmas dinner to me!

    Fran x

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