Good Chilly Morning


Hello Lovelies – as you can probably see, posting has been a little sporadic here at Miel and Cannelle! No doubt you can tell without me pointing out my patchy pulled out hair, bitten lips and stressed chin zits that yes, it is most definatly exam time. I’m finishing up a rather painful, cumbersom paper as well as prepping for 5 exams, so I’m a little.. shall we say… well, I guess a lot of things. Malnourished, stressed, sadistic and manic I think might sum it up. *laugh* But, I found this gorgeous pillow by Jenny Alméns over at the Manos site, and thought even the accoutrements of sleep might help me catch some zzz’s. I hope that nobody else walked out into the -25 degree celsius weather this morning and thought what I did – namely, why didn’t I let my legs knit their own long johns – what the heck is the point of shaving in winter anyways.. *grumble* 

Long point shortened – It may be a bit patchy over here for the next little while, but that doesn’t mean stop coming by, offering words of encouragement, food, free massages and assurances of my immenent academic success. But mostly food. xoxo


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