Little Boxes..

{From Mary G}

{From Mary G}

I really wish that I was adept at compartmentalizing. Instead, I have books that blend into dreams, theories that blend into life, essays that become real and literally torture me.  I have this one (just one, single, lone) piece of work to contend with, and that horrible thing has happened where I’ve re-read and re-analyzed so many times that what I want to say has gone completely from pulling it out of the text with pliers.. to it now being so obvious that I feel like an idiot having to explain it. I promised myself that it would be done by Friday night, and honestly folks, at this point I’m wondering if I can be done it at all. ..*sigh* I just do not have any energy left. SOS lovelies.. SOS…



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4 responses to “Little Boxes..

  1. Deeeeeeeeeep breaths! You can do eeeeeeeeet!

  2. katie!

    good luck with your exams! I love your blog btw, keep posting! xxx

  3. fran

    tell me about it! i hate essays, and usually end up procrastinating until the last moment and then panic-working.
    maybe you could sit back from it and think about what your aim was to start with? and take it from there?
    fran x

  4. It’s funny…SOS was what my dad called creamed chip beef on toast for some odd reason, so I didn’t know there was an alternate names for it until high school. I guess I assumed it was “save our sandwich!” or maybe that’s what my mom came out with, but it’s apparently “s— on shingles” (shingles being bread, I guess? My father is an odd man…)

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