what recession?

3269092cbb2411dd8ee5000d934f6a42Ok, so because I was a completely responsible adult and have been saving like it’s the friggin’ dust bowl (I actually clipped an article on squab (snotty french pigeons) the other day thinking.. “you never know” ) we cut off our cable (nobody is home! we don’t need it! we’ll be more creative!… yeah right. Now we just watch REALLY bad TV) we don’t really go out to dinner that much anymore (We love making dinner together! It’s more time spent together that we don’t usually have! …right. We’ve been eating the same goddamn bowl of chili garnished with chili for a week) and then.. Then I broke. The bank. I looked down at my sad sad army green Fornarina boots that I’ve had since middle school (yeah, laugh it up. I either had really big feet then or small feet now, either way, it’s hilarious) the soles are coming away from the fabric, they are covered in a miasma of lacy salt stains, they have had so much beer spilled on them that I’m sure I’m not allowed to lend them to minors.. And I broke. And I bought these beautiful vintage Frye Campus boots on eBay for 107$. I know. I could have bought a lot of not chili with that. Or cable tv. Or a coffee when we’re in Venice in February. I just needed to confess. And show you my new awesome boots.



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3 responses to “what recession?

  1. Mom

    Lovely boots. I will buy the coffee in Venice. xxoo

  2. Carlynn

    These are beautiful and totally worth it…. and a deal, if I do say so myself so banish that guilt! :o)

  3. When you live in the north, a decent pair of boots is essential. As long as you don’t have 18 others squirreled away somewhere secret, spending $100 on good boots is nothing to feel guilty about. And—bonus? They’re beautiful.

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