2 Interesting Things.

1) I think I have a direct line to the gods. I must tempt them. After my post about those trust green boots that I’ve had for ten years being so hardy, responsible and lovely, despite their needing replacing.. One of the damn things exploded on my foot at the Mecca of craft fairs this morning. The damn thing was spewing stitching and sole and stuffing left right and center while the top was velcroed onto me like some sick drowning animal holds onto a log.

2) I am finished my last essay of my second last semester of this degree. Yes, it still needs to be edited, yes, it make actually have an emoticon in it where I need to remind myself to tidy up.. but the fact is – it’s done. I’m going out with dear J and M tonight to have a little bit of food, a drink, and going to watch a movie. And not think about a) ideology b) grammer c) my potential grades or d)my damn boots.


(ps – to all of you my lovelies – I cannot tell you how much your words of encouragement mean. To know that somewhere, out there, you thought enough to click the little comment button and urge me on – I like you guys.. gosh darn.)

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