Extra Extra: Hipsters Ruin Bacon

We have noticed over here that there is a trend burgeoning in the food world.. and that trend is bacon. However, it seems just as all good, wholesome things become co-opted by the legion of doom, bacon has been taken over by the least wholesome and good group – the hipsters. This article on Public School Intelligensia had me laughing soy milk out of my nose this morning at work – give us back our bacon you hiptards, and stay away from my little house on the prairies dresses too. Not kosher… not kosher…



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5 responses to “Extra Extra: Hipsters Ruin Bacon

  1. I wonder which will pass quicker– the bacon fad or the “putting cute little birds on everything” fad. The latter has been with us for at least five or six years now and I love it and everything, but isn’t it time for a new cute animal? Like how about giraffes?

  2. mieletcannelle

    Well, I’m guessing that the last time a flock of super cute illustrated, patchwork, ceramic, and/or crocheted birds clogged somebodies arteries was .. a while back. And I’m pretty sure that my bacon wrapped bacon this morning is actually firmly lodged in my ventricals. So I’m going with Bacon being the first trend to die there – if only because all of it’s progenators croak.
    In other arts n’ crafts news – who’s sick of skulls on everything? It’s become as ubiquitous in the language of non-conformity as friggin’ Safeway.

  3. Tim

    I for one am not sick of skulls – in fact, they ought to put skulls on top of other skulls!
    It’s like reinventing the wheel!

  4. JL

    I am so bogarting the term ‘Hiptard’.

  5. mieletcannelle

    Oh you don’t know! They totally took the word bogart. *sigh*

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