A Monday Kind of Love..

It’s just a more mature type than Sunday’s…xoxo

il_430xn48206984{I love these oh so charming little acorn necklaces from Neawear}

anthropurse{Love this absolutely stunning Fern Glen Tote from Anthropologie – I can picture it just filled with art supplies, bottles of wine, a pair of beautiful gloves..*sigh*}

il_430xn17806581{I love this beautiful print “In the Sewing Room” from Eleonora. Simple, and stunning. I’ve started collecting pieces to hang on the doors of our home that would represent whats inside.. and I think this one is perfect for the art room}

sofia21{I love this stylish, relaxed and gorgeous haired beauty from Garance Doré}

jacreamsug{I have been looking everywhere for a cream and sugar set that I don’t just like.. but adore. I love these from the Utopia collection at Jonathan Adler}


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3 responses to “A Monday Kind of Love..

  1. Carlynn

    K, so my friend and I decided on Anthropologie as our one store we definitely wanted to visit in the brief (I mean, really brief) window we had to play in NYC… and all I ended up buying were some fairly boring shirts on sale… *sigh* But I f’in love that store.

  2. mieletcannelle

    They are opening one here! I love it – I spend hours there when we’re in Seattle. Their kitchen things are my favorite – I have enough mugs, aprons and dishes from there to stuff a goose. A big one.

  3. fran

    wow! those necklaces are fantastic! acorns are very underestimated, i think.

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