Monday Must Have

il_430xn46643704{See Rose Tung’s shop here!}

Oh the cowel. Part sad evolution of the scarf, part mainstreaming of those things we used to call snoods (it’s not a scarf.. it’s not a hood…), the cowl holds a precarious though interesting place in my closet. Can I wear it with a t-shirt? Can I wear it with a dress? Is it solely an outerwear accessory, or can I swap it in for a necklace?

Rose Tung answers all of these questions with yes, yes, no and yes, respectively. These cowls are beautifully constructed, residing somewhere in the between space of architecture, snoods, outergarmets and well strung garnets. They really stand out from a plethora of plain, overembellished and kinda lame cowels on the market with a quiet, beautiful elegance about them – lovely!

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  1. j.

    thank you sooOOO MUCH!!! charming writing style. hope to have time to look more thru your blog in near future 🙂
    really appreciate the promo. much obliged, j.

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