A Winter Surprise. Surprise, it sucks.

Good evening my lovelies. I ask you, with all politeness, what fresh hell we have descended into today? It was so cold that I spent only 5 small minutes waiting for the damn bus, and I was so very very frozen that when I got off the bus.. I RAN HOME. Literally. Do you know what it takes to make me run? Voluntarily? Not out of fear? (Well, maybe Krispy Kremes.) But other than that? Nothing. I do not run. Not even on the treadmill. I go fast. But I do not run. Today, I leaped off the bus and began running, slipping and sliding and flapping my arms like some strange peacoated penguin, sliding off sidewalks and slipping in the street, dodging the construction workers and generally just making a big ass of myself. I ran in the door, and my feet were so cold, I accosted poor J who had just gotten out of a very lovely warm shower, and put my feetsicles on him. Nobody, no one, should live in a climate like this. Not when no less than 8 people turned to me today and said “I hate winter.”

HOWEVER, in happier news, there will be a little surprise here on M&C at the end of the week – so make sure you stay tuned this weekend. What else will you be doing, other than praying for seat sales to warmer climes? xoxo


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  1. I laughed out loud at the image of you running to escape the cold. I know how you feel, girl! And I’m no runner either.

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