2 Small Things.

I came to two realizations as I was cleaning the bathroom today.

1) Despite the honest, smart and eco-friendly reasons to switch to environmentally friendly cleaners, there is really only one true, dark, selfish reason that I did. I am terribly afraid of mustard gassing myself in my bathroom. *laugh* I flipped past a news show once, and some lady had run out of one cleaner, and simply put another cleaner on top to finish the job (which I regularly do) and voila – dead. So I switched not out of fear of mother earth being horribly scarred and ill, but me collapsing and drowning in my toilet bowl. I’m telling you so you can reassure me I’m so silly.. right?

2) Never sarcastically say to a man “You’re totally not going to clean the washroom right? It’s alright because I LOVE doing it.”


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  1. Oh my god, this is such a weird coincidence! Just tonight, my friends and I had an EXTENDED conversation about a friend’s former coworker who tried to mix ammonia with bleach to make the floor “extra” clean.

    We were talking about how most people would never even know not to do that! There should be PSAs for this stuff on TV! They should teach it in elementary school! Or call the product, “Am-DON’T-MIX-WITH-BLEACH-monia”!

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