Affordable Art Gift Guide

I’ve been searching for a lot of prints lately under the auspices of Christmas shopping, and have come across a few lovely/interesting new artists. So, since it is entirely possible that a)these are MY picks for MY Christmas presents and b) you may also be looking for some totally affordable Christmas giftable art.. here you go!

il_430xn38549028{“Still Here” is a print by Oklahoma artist Amy. She also has another shop, Project 8256, raising money for her sister and brother in law to adopt two children from Ethiopia and also donates money to AHOPE in Addis Ababa, a charity that works with HIV+ kids.}

il_430xn48509274{From Project8256}

il_430xn48473310{“Windy on the Coast” is a print by Sacramento artist Jayme McGowan. The originals are papercut pieces a little out of my price range – but the prints are just as beautiful and more affordable. I was also flipping through Small magazine the other day (which is weird, because I don’t have one of those small people) and she had a huge 3-4 page spread. Beautiful!}

irana-print4{I’m very very much digging this untitled print by Buenos Aires Artist Irana Douer – I’m digging even more that Poketo has a sale on until 11pm PST tomorrow that puts this baby on sale for 20$. }

ashleygrey{From the Shiny Squirrel Print section… Grey Ashley by Katie Richanbach. Can you think of all the awesome photos this would inspire among drunken party guests..}

corbett_shill_toosmall_artworkimage{Last but not least, from Jen Bekman’s fabulous project 20X200 this work, Shill from artist David Corbett}

Hope this helps you all in your quest for lovely, affordable gifts for me. Oh.. or anyone else. Because  that’s totally what I’m thinking. These would be great for anyone. And they’re totally recession friendly! They’re all 15-20$ before shipping and handling, which is fabulous for people who would rather spend pennies on themselves. Unlike me. Humph. xoxo


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