It’s a Wrap


{Tom’s new Wrap Boots}

One of my favorite people that I don’t know (which is many – the don’t know, not the favorite) at my school is this sweet little hippy girl in my Gender class. She has the most brilliant, wild red hair that sticks out all over the place and the most enviable creamy colored skin, and I shit you not, she looks like the little match girl. Her clothes are all “I’m going to wear this until it falls apart” comfortable looking, sometimes I feel like I would very much like to raid her commune. Metaphorically. And, bless her beautifully freckled nose, she has this pair of all-star esque boots that are litterally, not metaphorically, falling apart at the seams. And I get so worried in our extreme climate that one day her little hippie toes are going to fall right off, and envisage myself darting under the desk and wrapping her up in definately non-organic duct tape to keep her feet safe.

These would probably be a far more acceptable solution. (from simplyolive which may be my new favorite blog)


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  1. j.

    boots to die for, as everything else i just saw at her blog. i’m gonna have to check that one daily now. soooo goood! thanks for the tilt.

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