Baby.. it’s cold..

dscf39431{From my living room window}

I took this photo yesterday morning, when the little bits of frost were collecting on my front window, winter pulling a lace veil down over our home in the minus 25 degree weather. This morning it was a complete, nullifying, quieting curtain of frost, our own private modesty screen. It’s truly beautiful. From inside. I haven’t ventured anywhere today while studying, save down to the mailbox to pick up the 4 (!) Christmas cards snuggled away in my mail. It seems like almost a full decade of mailing out Christmas cards has almost paid off!

dscf3973{Snowflakes in the living room…}

J and I celebrated our Christmas this Sunday, seeing as how Wednesday I head out east and five days later he goes south. So we decided we would enjoy Christmas in advance, take a day to relax, exchange gifts and just.. enjoy each others company. Because we couldn’t enjoy any beautiful snowy walks through the glowing cityscape (it being -40) I made a million of these snowflakes and at two in the morning strung them all through our living room on our Christmas Eve. It was really pretty and a good surprise for J, and we haven’t taken them down yet..

dscf3975{trying to peer through the frost}

J and I put a big limit on our spending for Christmas this year, as we’re going to Italy in February and.. well, exchange rates suck and we’re generally not rich, so, we spend a lot of time imitating the dust bowl around here. BUT, we went out to dinner last night to our favorite restaurant and ate and chat for a couple hours. J isn’t just my partner, he’s my best friend – he’s interesting and funny, and sometimes, when I sit across from him at a restaurant, I think my heart turns into one of those cheesy sparklers on a birthday cake. We had a wonderful evening, despite me being a cardiac fire hazard.

dscf3994{J calls himself the Canadian Ninja}

I don’t know what tis been like everywhere else – but its been so incredibly cold here.  We really didn’t leave the house for too much of the weekend, and like I said, today I only ventured out to the mailbox and regretted even that. Our poor little building is crackling and screaming as it tried to fend off frozen pipes, and I have to say, I feel fairly smug for getting renters insurance. But there’s J, replete in his “Canadian Ninja” outfit – he sort of looks like he’s doing the robot, but he’s actually slicing the air in a ninja motion. Yeah. I think we have cabin fever.

dscf3934{and they smell like cinnamon!}

So my lovelies, I think I’m going to wrap up and bid you farewell until the end of the week. I’ve got exams from 9am tomorrow until noon on Wednesday, and I leave at 1pm on Wednesday for the airport. As much as I would love to think that I am superwoman and will post witty things at regular intervals (this, of course, assumes I also slip on the ice, bang my head and become witty) there is little chance of that happening. But, some fabulous news, there will be another wonderful, witty and if I do say so myself, beautiful guest blogger here this weekend for a Sunday Kind of Love. Make sure you tune in! I’ll be back online Thursday or Friday, once I’ve caught up on some sleep debt and eaten enough to make my mother happy. Stay warm friends, talk soon. xoxox



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5 responses to “Baby.. it’s cold..

  1. Nic

    This whole post and the photos and the snow flakes, made me smile till my cheeks hurt. It is sooo sweet and you two are absolutely adorable. *SMILE* Love you two. -N.

  2. fran

    it may sound naive but i’m actually jealous of your -40 weather. we never get proper cold here, just mild, wet, windy, yucky weather. and there are always too many things to carry and the umbrella always breaks and your feet get wet and mucky.
    your snowflakes are really lovely, by the way.

    fran x

  3. katie-kate

    Wow, sounds like the perfect christmas! I love your blog and that post made me feel all christmassy! Thanks x
    (salut fran btw)

  4. that photo is gorgeous.

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